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  1. good work . if yu can contact me on ismaaciil_56@hotmail.com then it would be great

  2. I see the losers are talking, com’on be a good losers, 10 men baby and a whole 2nd half

  3. HSSC keep up the good work, one thing I know in life is if u have too many enimies U MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT, HSSC Slogan for 2012: IT’S US AGAINST THEM.

  4. People stop hating HSSC, u know to have that many enimies u must be doing something right. We are the collingwood of soccer. HSSC slogan for 2012: ITS US AGAINST REST

  5. I love HSSC, and to see the hatred people have for for this club they MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT, people join and stop hating and let’s make this club even better for our KIDS and our COMMUNITY.

  6. North all the way baby

  7. Madaale when will the team pictures be uploaded?

  8. Heidelberg stars all the way, if u can’t beat them join them. The best Somali Team in Australia.

    • There ### half the team is a diffrerent nationality its called somali cup not multicultral cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • there was only 2 foriegn players saaxib stop hating heidelberg.
        not good for your health

      • nigga there only had 2 foreigners, stop hating on hssc a successful club run by 2 of the most respected somalis in melbourne and progressed even further by the youth of the northern suburbs..
        i am from new zealand and i know this. stop being ignorant and open your eyes.

  9. Assalamu Caleykum, Congratulations to Madaale team. I am proud of the great work you are doing for you community. My name is Abdirahman Mukhtar; I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am huge fan of your work and services to your community. I want to contact someone from Madaale.com or ASFA committee. Could you please contact me at my email, abdirahmanmukhtar@gmail.com ? I run a sports website called ciyaartoy.com and I would like to cover the ASFA tournament, so we can spread the positive work and inspiring job you are all doing. Once again I want o congratulate you and the ASFA leadership. Thank you and keep up the great work.

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