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Dr Hussein Haraco – The First African ALP Delegate

Hussein Nur Haraco, Became the firt African Delegate to attend a Labor’s National Conference which is the highest decision-making forum and Australia’s largest political gathering.

Dr Hussein with PM Julia Gillard

Dr Hussein Haraco who is also the President of Somali Australian Council of Victoria Inc was elected as a Victorian delegate earlier this year.  Husein met the prim Minister Julia Gillard and many of the most powerful political players in Australia to discuss the future.  At the conference Immigration Minister Chris Bowen Saturday called for a lifting of the nation’s annual refugee intake from 13,750 to 20,000 but said he still wanted asylum-seekers processed offshore.

The proposal won the support of the ruling Labor Party at its national conference in Sydney, but Bowen has said the target is aspirational while plans to send boatpeople to other countries have been blocked by the High Court.


We Congratulate to Dr Hussein,  an African voice has now found a place in the ruling power of this country.


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