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First Somali exhibition in Melbourne, by Nadia Faragaab

KRONOLOGIES an exhibition by Nadia Faragaab

With ‘Kronologies’ Nadia Faragaab reignites the debate and discussion surrounding the profound absence of Somali representation within the expanse of Australian culture.

In the wider arts community there exists a void, within which, exists a lack of support and encouragement for Somali artists and consequently, an absence of Somali imagery and symbolism in the arts and everyday life. Nadia’s work also casts a light on the negative imagery of her community (both here and abroad) found in the broadcast, print and digital realms.

It may be argued that a lack of appreciation for the Arts (most notably the visual arts) is evident in the Somali community. This may be due to the Somali community facing the pressures of crisis of people and land, the preoccupation with “preservation” of culture which constricts and binds expression of such, rather than allowing for evolution and growth.


Opening Day  13/11/0211
The exhibition will be on for 3 weeks  at BLACK DOT GALLERY Melbourne

here are some Pictures from the opening night.

Click on the images to see them LARGE

Appreciating the Somali dance, BURAANBUR


Somali tea ceremony


Images from the horn of Africa on Canvas


Somali Alphabet and numbers with images


Exhibiting the colorful dresses of Somali women: Dirac, Googarad, Garbasaar and Jilbaab



Nadia faragaab

KRONOLOGIES by Nadia Faragaab from BLAK DOT GALLERY on Vimeo.

413 Lygon Street, East Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia 3057

Click BLACK DOT GALLERY to see the map.
There will be an ARTIST FLOOR TALK ON SUNDAY 13th NOVEMBER – 2pm
All are welcome to attend.

This is a FREE event.

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  1. woow sxb this is a leap forward for our community to start waking up and also a great chance for the youth to recognise how wonderfull our culture is. this sort of visual arts and the gathering of ppl at the same time can really go much further then any books or lectures. well done big time guys…thanx to Nadia and everyone that worked to make this happen

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