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Miracle, or just Delicious Malawax?

It was morning not long ago when i was told to come investigate and photograph allege  MIRACLE  seen in my neighborhood Heidelberg West. I Nearly dropped the cup of SHAAH (tea) I was holding. I got my Sony apha with extra Batteries and jumped out of the door like HABAR WAALAN ( Crazy Person ) when my mobile started ringing, Hello, “You don’t have to come, the Miracle will meet you half way” said the voice on the other side of the phone.

By now i was so exited, I didn’t know whether I was wearing pants or MACAWIS ( very Cool Somali Swagalicious BJs ). I have seen thousands of Fake and pointless Images of  so call MUCJISO, but i never seen one with my own eyes and i always wonder what they mean in Islam and what is Miracle anyways?. The camera already in my hand exited and ready to shoot, i got to the destination where the Miracle would supposed to meet me.To my surprise a plate of MALAWAX ( pancake ) was offered to me to which i replied “WAAN SOO QURAACDAY EE MEEDAY MUCJISADII” I had my breakfast already.Than it was brought to my attention that what am looking at is THE  MIRACLE itself. I scanned the SAXAN for few seconds then I notice brown line on the pancake that resembles the name of God in Arabic ” ALLAH”.
While i was take picture i was told this MALAWAX is already 30 days old, although it harden it has not changed otherwise.

I set out to answer two questions

Q 1. What is Miracle in Islam?

Q 2. If a Miracle is witnessed or seen, what does it really mean?

Many times I heard people saying the world is going to end after seeing a Photoshopped vegetables and trees. after asking few Shaeikhes and researching I was told the same thing i found on Wikipedia:

That The main purpose of miracle is to prove the sincerity of the apostle and has to satisfy the following conditions:

1. It must be performed by God
2. “It must be contrary to the usual course of things”
3. It should be impossible to contradict it
4. “It must happen at the hands of him who claims to be an apostle
5: “It must be in conformity with his announcement of it, and the miracle itself must not be a disavowal of his claim”
6. “It must follow on his claim”

I also found out unexplained events that don’t fit the above rules can be call AYAH, which could means many things a SIGN, proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, revelations.

(We will show them Our signs in the universe, and in themselves, until it becomes manifest to them that this is the truth)
The Holy Qur’an (41:53).

Am not a Islamic Scholar but i think we should not rush into calling every thing a Miracle and making our own translation of what it means.
there are clear SIGNS that would make any person think twice but i think we demeaning the word by using it to describe what wee see in our Soup or bread.
After taking these photos i started to notice and see many things in unexpected places which goes to show that if you looking for something you will find it. I have yet to meet someone who can explain what can be considered Sign, where does the line begin and where does it end ? Or is it left to us to determent if what we see can be called AYAH?

If after reading this, you have something to say or you are more knowledgeable then me, please with respect leave you comment bellow



  1. Subhana’Allah it is a miracle indeed. May Allah guide all those who have gone astray.

  2. i love your written..you very creative and funny ..espically the english and somali mix…you should have ur own blog..;)

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