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Road to Unity Forum

IMG_8542Road to Unity Forum was organised by Somali Australia Friendship Association (SAFA)
The aim of this forum was to provide a platform for dialogue and discussion about community challenges in Victoria and the way forward.

The was an opportunity to develop and shared understanding in regard to some pressing issues facing the community as well as its potentials and capacity on how to deal with and creatively find relevant solutions for the identified challenges through a meaningful discussion in a collaborative manner.

Road to Unity panel members.

Sh. Abdinur Sheikh Muhammad Weli: The Head Imam of the Islamic Council of Victoria ICV. Member of Board of Imams Victoria.

Mariam Issa: is a entrepreneur lady and she recent launched of her book called ‘A RESILIENT LIFE’. In 2012 Mariam launched RAW (Resilient Aspiring Women) – a not-for-profit organisation to create better social environments for all women.

Abderazzaq Noor: is currently works with Monash University. He is a public affairs practitioner with more than 20 years of experience in public and corporate affair.

Fowzia Issa: Youth worker at City of Darebin youth services for 14 years.

Ahmed Dini: As a founding member of the Australian Somali Football Association (ASFA) and also a Project Ambassador for the Sustainable Employment and Economic Development (SEED).

Halima Mohamed: graduated from Victoria University. She is currently working for TLITU (To Live Is To Unite) project.










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