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Send Tony Abbott to Somalia

Opposition leader Tony Abbott describe the Australian aborigines life as ” Somalia without guns”

  • The Daily Telegraph
  • March 05, 2010 12:00AM

Since the pirates and Al-Shaba came about, the name Somalia has been use to compare to every Godforsaken place on this planet and the punchline to every joke.

Considering Somalia had no central government for 20 years, I recon it is way better then people like tony think. To get there you don’t even need passport or visa, it is beautiful day every day with some occasional fire fight and stray bullet from you cousin’s  AK47, but what is life without a bit of excitement?.

TONY in Australia

TONY in Soamalia  (Dhuusa-mareeb)

Should Tony Abbot Go to Somalia ?

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  1. Nice body for his age.

  2. He had some skin bleaching on his face. lol

  3. mohammed hussien

    brather at least make the hands white hahaha

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