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Silent Cry Moves to Melbourne and Sydney

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Melbourne Montage – Silent cry. …..After watching Silent Cry and crying, The love and smiles were every where, knowing they made a different n broke the silent. About 600 Melbournian get together to see the Documentary. The allocated time had to be extended so people can see it for a second time.

When : Saturday 6th of feburary
Where: Melbourne University, Copland theatre.
Donation Entry: $20
The NEW Time: 3pm -7pm

Group of young British students in search for a story flew far into East Africa , where they discovered the documentary film Silent Cry. The film is based on the lives of families and their struggles in the Ogaden Regions in Ethiopia .
Based in the heart of East Africa, the story was discovered after the students met a Taxi driver in Nairobi , Kenya who shared with them his personal tragedy affecting his family. They then made a trip to IFO, northern Kenya where they uncovered hidden tragedies.

Silent Cry movement is a non-profit Organisation travelling the globe to spread awareness through Film Documentary, showing the trials and tribulations of the Indigenous Somali people in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia.


You guys ready to Break the Silence Australia and New Zealand?! If so, please do join us in an event that will really open your eyes on the following dates. PERTH 30 JAN, MELBOURNE ON THE 6TH OF FEB AND WELLINGTON ON THE 13TH…BE PART OF THE MOVEMENT, MAKE A CHANGE, BE A VOICE FOR THOSE VOICELESS! If you need any information on the Silent Cry movement, feel free to get in touch with ‘Qasaaye Madaale’ on facebook

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