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Somali Australian Youth (SAY)

We are a group of volunteers who came together in hope to raise money for the drought affected victims in Somalia and Dadaab. We are not an organization, we are simply representing the Somali Australian Youth of Melbourne.



On Saturday 23rd of July we organized a fundraising event named “Somali Famine Relief” and Manshallah we were able to raise over $20,000 from that night.

We have sent one of our own team members, Ayub Abdi-Barre down to Dadaab Refugee Camp to join the Global Somali Emergency Response Team in giving them a helping hand and also to deliver the funds that we raised from our fundraising event by the Youth of Melbourne, Australia.

We hope that by sending one of our own team members down to the refugee camps that it’ll allow us to gain further awareness of the current situation in Somalia and Dadaab. Ayub will document and take photos of every step of their journey allowing him to provide us with a more detailed insight into the real conditions of the ground and to also gain further awareness for the Somali Australian Youth of Melbourne, as well as the Global Somali Youths around the world.

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Members of the S.A.Y Team at Melbourne Airport to farewell Ayub on his journey to Kenya









Ayub Departing









Ayub meeting Pamela from Hot Sun Foundation in Kenya ..




Ayub in Kenya









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