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Somali Community Awards Night 2012

An annual award ceremony by Australia Friendship Association (SAFA) and
Victorian Parliament takes place in Melbourne every year around May/June. It is an important event that celebrates the achievements of the Somali community in education and community contribution. In this years’s Ceremony which took place in Melbourne Uni, nearly 100 students of high school, Tafe and University graduates have been awarded and their achievement recongnized.

The night was hosted by Hon: Anthony Carbine MP state member for Ivanhoe and Nasra Yussf the president of ASFA. Guest speakers Dr Berhan Ahmed, Chairperson of African Think Tanks and Community elders. MC by Sagal and Hassan.

SAFA is a community organisation that was formed by a group of community –oriented Somali and Australian citizens to aid the integration of the Somali community in Australia. SAFA aims to do this by providing a positive, open and respectful environment in which Somali and Australian community members can come together to better understand each other’s cultural identity and build share understanding. Nasra Yussf

A good education offers an opportunity to fulfill their potential and achieve  their goals. The Somali community has always demonstrated its commitment to learning by encouraging and supporting Somali youth to study and work hard to relies their dreams. Tonight’s ceremony will allow us to recognise the impressive achievements of the next generation of community leaders. Hon: Anthony Carbine MP state member for Ivanhoe



Anthony Carbine, Dr Berhan Ahmed and Halima Sheikh presenting awards.

Hon: Anthony Carbine with some of the graduates.

Special guests with 2012 High School Graduates




High school Graduates   61

—————————————————– —————————————————————————–

TAFE Graduates  9

Diploma of Building, Design and Architecture 2

Diploma of Child care 2

Health Sciences 1

Justice 1

Diploma of Early Childhood teaching 1

Bachelor of Media and Television 1

Diploma of Management 1


University Graduates  21

Bachelor of Business 1

Bachelor of Nursing 1

Bachelor of Accounting and Business 2

Bachelor of Education 1

Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences 2

Bachelor of Business Management 2

Bachelor of Commerce and Arts 1

Bachelor of Medical Imaging 1

Bachelor of Health Sciences 1

Bachelor of Sociology and Education 1

Bachelor of International & Community Development 1

Bachelor of Networking 1

Bachelor of Information system 1

Bachelor (double degree) Biomedical Sciences & Human Nutrition 1

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering 1

Bachelor of Civil Engineering 1

Bachelor of Biological Sciences 1

Bachelor of Automotive Technology 1


Postgraduate Studies    7 

Masters of Social Work 1

Masters of Teaching 1

Masters of Islamic Finance 1

PHD of Phytochemical & Antibacterial Studies 1

PHD of Integration from Youth perspectives 1

PHD of Somali Oral Poetry & the Failed She –Camel nation-State 1

Postgraduate Diploma (Accounting and Finance) 1



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