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Waving Flag – K’naan Warsame ft Gulled Ahmed – Somali version

K’naan’s waving flag hit song which is the anthem for  2010 wold cup,  remixed with Somali by Guled Ahmed

enjoy it and comment what you think about it.


  1. I’4rm somalia i like to listing knaan caabdule warsame i like to meet knan when he songs i was in south africa up to now i’m listing his song every mrning when are get up and when i’m going to sleep{When we all befree so we patiently wait for that fate ful day it as not far away ! That true

  2. Dear people.

    I am a Somali .

    This message is for the guy who is singing , Waving Flag( in Somali version)– Etihad and Waving flag don’t fit together because they stand different things and please don’t confuse the people. Etiahad is not even a Somali idea.

    It(Etiha)was started in Somalia after over thrown the dictator – Siyad Bare- a group of people who was against Somalis and their culture.

    Keep Somali Flag or Somali word as “Gamah’diid” or simple of freedom, on your T- shirt.

    Mahad sanid(thank you in Somali)

  3. this guy is somalia ripper like knaan buh always rebly son

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